​What We Offer

  1. Pawsome Walks
    Pawsome Walks
    On the Walk
    We offer multiple walking packages to meet you and your pups needs. You can ask for a 15 minute walk for your fur baby to allow for them to stretch their legs and get a potty break in. We offer 30 minute walks and 60 minute walks to really tire your pup out. We will always make sure your pup has fresh water available and another potty break prior to leaving.
  2. In Home Boarding & Doggy Daycare
    In Home Boarding & Doggy Daycare
    All Breeds, ages and size welcome!
    Going out of town? Leave your pet with us for a mini vacation while you're away! Your pet will enjoy staying in a home environment, with supervised access to our fenced backyard and walks up to our neighborhood dog park. There is always friends here to play with, so they will never get bored. Lots of toys, treats and snuggles. Your pet is treated as part of the family. Doggy Daycare offers all the above fun, but they are only here for the day. They always go home happy and tired and love coming back for more!
  3. Healing Pet
    After surgery care/Elder pet care
    Whether your pet has a routine spay and neuter or a more complex surgery, we are here to help check in on them while they heal so you can return to work without worry. We all know the stress of surgery on our loving pets, but the stress can become greater having to leave them home alone all day. We offer to come in to check on them, administer medication, check incision site (if applicable), offer calming potty break. We offer to check in on your elder pets, allow them out for a potty break, give them some love, administer any medications if needed.