​Services and Pricing

​​Pawsome Walks

​​​After Surgery & Senior Care

​Puppy & Kitten Care

​​~15 Min Walk/Potty Break:
​$15 for single dog & $20 for 2 dogs

~30 Min Walk:
​$15 for single dog & $20 for 2 dogs

~60 Min Walk
$20 for single dog & $25 for 2 dogs

After your pups walk they will be provided with fresh water and another potty break before we leave.

*$3 per dog for each additional dog after 2 dogs 
​This package is great for new time puppy or kitten parents! It can be difficult to leave your new babies home alone all day, so we are here to help. We will come in to check on them, take them out for a potty break (or two), clean up used puppy pads or any accidents, clean litter box, play with your fur baby, provide fresh food and water and love, snuggles and kisses!
​30 minute visit: $30
​$60 min visit: $45
​Save $40 with our 1 month package of 3 - 60 minute visits per week for $500
​*No refunds, must be paid in full for discount
​Having your pet go through surgery can be scary, even ones to be considered routine. It can be difficult to make sure your pet has the care they need while they recover when you go back to work. We are here to help you with that. We will check in on your pet, take them out for restricted potty breaks (if this is what their surgery requires), administer medications, make sure their surgery site is looking well and they have not had any access to it, give them fresh food and water if needed, clean up any accidents they may have made. As their parent, you will be notified, if anything does not look right with your pet.

​For your senior pet we will go check on them, administer medications, let them out for a potty break, provide fresh food and water if needed, and snuggles.
​30 min: $25
​60 min: $35

​Cat Care Visits

​Package Deals

We are here to care for your cats too! Whether you are away on vacation, or just want someone to check in on them, we are here to help! We will provide fresh food and water, litter box cleaning and disposal, medication administration, affection and play.
​1 or 2 cats: $25
​Each additional cat $3
​Already know exactly what you want for your pet? Save some money and purchase and package!
15 - 30 min walks $200 ($25 savings!)
​15 - 60 min walks $280 ($20 savings!)

​1 Month 60 minute puppy/kitten package (3 visits per week) $500 ($40 savings!)

​*No refunds, to receive discounted price packagespayments must be received in full. Walking packages expire 90 days after payment received. Puppy/kitten package expires 30 days after payment received.

​Custom packages available. Let us know what you're interested in and we will give you some great deals!

​Overnight Care

​In home boarding - Your dog will stay in my home while you're away. They will have supervised access to our fenced backyard, lots of toys, playtime, regular walks, trips up to the neighborhood dog park, and other dog friends to play with! We won't keep your pup kenneled (unless he/she is used to sleeping in a kennel), they will be able to relax inside in the AC, sleep on the couch or bed (if okay by mom and dad) and get endless amounts of love and cuddles!
​$40 - $60 per night for up to 2 dogs, $5 each additional dog.

​*Final price is dependent on age, size of breed and length of stay*

​*Pickup is 10am, after 10am $25 doggy daycare charge applies

​Personalized Care

​Don't see what you and your pet need? No problem! Send us a message or give us a call and let us know and we can probably help you!

Doggy Daycare

Doggy day care is a great way for your dog to run off energy and be around other dogs and people while you're away at work. Our in home doggy daycare allows your pup to enjoy their day in a home environment, supervised access to our fenced backyard, walks and trips to the dog park right here in the neighborhood! They will be able to rest up inside in the AC, fresh water given regularly, toys and treats (if mom and dad say it's okay). 
​Doggy Daycare Hours: 8am to 4pm (additional hours available with possible additional charge)

​$25 per day for 1 dog, $30 for 2 dogs and $5 per each additional dog over 2 dogs.

​*Pick up and drop off available for additional charge*